Slot, or pokie machines are some of the best ways to gamble online in New Zealand. This innovative games feature fun themes that Kiwi players have come to expect while gambling online. This is because they are easy to understand and play, with huge rewards for NZ gamblers. Some of the most recognisable slot machines are 3-Reel Pokies.

These pokies are the oldest pokie machines in gambling, since the first pokie featured three reels. Also called one-armed bandits and fruit machines, these pokies are a classic must-have at online casinos. So, we’ll be looking into how online casino players can start winning on 3-Reel Pokies in this guide.

3-Reel Pokies - New Zealand

What are 3-Reel Pokies?

Pokies are categorised by the amount of reels they have, which spin and create matches for online casino players. These exciting games can have five reels, three reels and even seven reels depending on the provider that makes them. Pokies are also categorised by the amount of paylines, or columns, they have. However, three reel online pokies only go up to five paylines at the moment.

As we’ve said, 3-Reel pokies are the oldest slot machines around, but they have gotten a facelift over the years.  For example, 3-Reel video pokies are some of the most exciting games at land-based and online casinos. By using the classic three reels and adding exciting symbols and sounds, game providers have created amazing takes on the classics. Additionally, they will have a few ‘fruit’ machines as well for Kiwis who enjoy some retro fun.

Types of 3-Reel Pokies

Pokies played on three reels are considered simpler to play than five or seven reel variants. So, they are a staple for casino players who want a straightforward game. However, none of this sacrifices a great gaming experience with graphics and sound. These pokies will still have great sound and graphics if you play at a top-rated online gambling site recommended by our team.

  • 3-Reel, 1 Line Pokies
  • 3 Reel, 3 Line Pokies
  • 3-Reel, 5 Line Pokies

How to Play 3-Reel Pokies

Like we’ve said, online pokies are some of the easiest casino games to play. This is especially true for 3-Reel Pokies, as they take all the fuss out of your pokie gambling experience. Follow these steps to start enjoying this casino classic online:

  1. Sign up at an online casino, or log into your account.
  2. Choose one of the 3-Reel pokies from the game library.
  3. Choose your coin size.
  4. Spin the reels and claim your winnings.