Blacklisted Casinos are not a common topic in many casino sites, but we would be failing you if we didn’t cover this. By now you have learned how crucial it is to make sure that you are playing at a recognised and legitimate New Zealand online casino.

Not only is it important to have the best gambling fun you can hope for at a casino. But it is equally vital that your experience is without hiccups. However, this is exactly what many players have gone through after signing up and gaming at some New Zealand online casinos – receiving a less than satisfactory treatment over time. These are the Kiwi online gambling sites that end up in our blacklisted casino list.

Blacklisted Casinos - New Zealand

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Blacklisted Casinos – What Gets an Online Casino Blacklisted?

At this point, you may be wondering what may land an online casino a spot in a list of rogue casinos. Well, there are several kinds of things that casinos may habitually do, or not do, that will easily show you if they are worth your time and money or not.

Such practices typically put you, the players, at a disadvantage and spoil your experience as a gambler. Below are some of the malpractices that some online casinos have and continue to engage in that make them undesirable:

Withholding Players’ Payments

When you are playing at a New Zealand Real Money Casino you expect to receive your ‘real cash’ winnings should you actually win, right? Of course you do, but while this may seem like an obvious and definite outcome of a casino gameplay. Sadly not all online casinos stay true to this, and will put players through the ringer. Hence you will find them in our list of blacklisted casinos.

You will normally expect your payments to show up quickly, instantly or even after 30 days depending on the payment method and casino rules. But is very worrying when after several weeks of withdrawing you still neither receive your money nor correspondence explaining what the delay may be. And in some cases, the money simply never comes through. This is a clear indication that the casino is not legitimate or trustworthy. Such casinos end up in our blacklisted casino’s archive.

Compromised Randomness of Games

Online casino games are operated with the help of Random Number Generators or RNGs.  These RNGs ensure that all game outcomes are undeterminable and present a fair winning opportunity to all players. But if a casino is found to be operating with malfunctioning RNGs or does not even have them at all, it will be placed in the ‘blacklisted casinos’ list.

Spamming Players

New Zealand online casinos, like any other business, are subject to rules on good marketing practices. However, it has been found that some casinos do not respect this, as well as tending to disregard the player’s right to choosing what marketing messages they want to receive. Such casinos may, for example, send Kiwi players unsolicited bulk emails on a regular basis to promote themselves. As soon as we pick up this behaviour in a casino, we blacklist it.

False Advertising

Also related to best marketing practices; advertising an offering without disclosing all relevant details pertaining to it, or even ‘dressing’ it up as something it is not is a quick way for a New Zealand online casino to end up in our ‘blacklisted casinos’ list.

Not only is it ethical, but it is vital that an online casino respects the player’s right to information. Online casinos can show this by being genuine about their bonuses, rewards, games, promotions and anything else. But you may find, for instance, that a casino advertises a promotion as having ‘no wagering requirements.’ Only to find out that there are wagering requirements after signing up for the promotion.

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Avoid Blacklisted Casinos – Ways to Ensure your Safety

As with anything, you can either learn from experience, or you can be more proactive and avoid the unnecessary altogether. In an effort to avoid playing at a blacklisted casino, it is advised that you do a background check on the casinos you are considering and also assess their current performance. To do this, you need to look at the casino’s software, their security features, licensing, and certificates of regulation.

Casino Software

Online casinos in New Zealand source their software from a pool of gaming software developers to run their casinos online. But the question is, are these developers trustworthy and is the software reliable, secure and fair? Software like that provided by Betsoft, which lost its license in 2014 with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Among other reasons, their software was found to be rigged and their payouts unfair especially where progressive jackpots are concerned. There are many other software providers like them, so do your research first.

Security Features

Right along with fairness is the importance of security at an online casino. Playing at a secure online casino means that your personal details, like your names, identity/security numbers, etc. And banking information, like credit card details are in safe hands. A secure casino gives you peace of mind about your information being safe from fraudulent practices and any other criminal activity. Sadly, blacklisted casinos tend to have an unreliable “security” tool or not have anything in place at all. This leaves you vulnerable to misuse of your information and identity theft.

Online Casino Licenses and Certificates

If you have gone through our other information on choosing a good online casino, you may know how crucial a casino license is in confirming the trustworthiness of one. Licenses are issued according to the laws of the country from which the casino operates. They are issued by an authorised Gambling Board, indicating that the casino has been tested according to certain factors. Such criteria as fairness, safety, security, satisfactory financial standing and adhering to responsible gaming policies are looked at. The board then decides whether to issue, deny, renew or revoke a casino’s license. Unfortunately, some online casinos do not have real licenses. They claim to, but in reality, they are unlicensed operators.

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