Caribbean Stud Poker is an exciting poker variant that is similar to Seven Card Stud. This variant allows players to place a progressive ‘side bet’ as well as their usual wagers. While it is a relatively new game, gaming experts can’t trace the origins. However, we do know that the game is popular in the Caribbean, which is how it got the name.

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How to Play – Caribbean Stud Poker

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker is straightforward, so dive right in with these basic rules for playing this version of Internet poker.

  • Firstly, players must place an ‘ante’ wager, and may choose to make a NZ$1 progressive side bet.
  • All Kiwi players will be dealt five cards each placed face down. More so, the dealer will have one card placed face up.
  • If a NZ player chooses to fold, all bets and cards are forfeited.
  • When players choose to raise, they must bet double the ante.
  • The dealer will reveal the other four cards, which will qualify if they are an ace and a king or higher.
  • If the dealer’s hand is an ace, king, four, three and two, they will hold the lowest qualifying hand.
  • The highest hand will be an ace, jack, king, queen, nine and ten. However, this hand will not qualify in the game for the dealer.
  • Lastly, a side bet is based on the value of a players hand according to the hand value.

Caribbean Stud Poker - New Zealand

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategies

Some of the best strategies for Caribbean Stud Poker are listed below, though we at New Zealand Casinos always recommend trying out your own.

  • If a Kiwi gambler holds a pair or higher, they should raise their bets.
  • However, players should fold if they are dealt less than an ace or king.
  • If a New Zealand player holds a queen or jack, they should also choose to raise.

Overall, the game has a lot going for it, and we do recommend trying a few hands in free play mode. Once comfortable with the pace of online Caribbean Stud Poker, play for real money at one of our top casinos for Kiwis.

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