Playing free casino games online can be highly rewarding, even if it’s not for real money. This is because Kiwi players can use the free credits to test out the game and see if they like it. Other benefits of play for free include saving money, testing strategies and there’s no risk. Of course, there’s no need to take our word for it!

Free Casino Games New Zealand - Best Free to Play Games Online

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Play Free Casino Games Online

So, how does a free casino game match up to the real money version? Well, many top software providers will make the games identical. From betting to the randomised outcomes, these games won’t differ. Even the payouts will be identical, should you play it until your games match up. However, the free version will use imaginary casino credits. This means that your bankroll will stay the same, no matter how many times you play it.

To start playing free games, you can simply select the option in the game lobby. Almost every game, including free slot games, free bingo games and free online poker, can be enjoyed this way. We recommend trying any casino game for free if players are unfamiliar with them. After all, learning the game saves real money, especially on pokies.

How to Play Free Games

Playing free games is fairly easy at online casinos we recommend. All you need to do is open the casino lobby and choose the game you’d like to try. Instead of clicking the first button, you will need to select ‘free mode’ underneath. Casinos will, however, have different ways to place these buttons. So, be sure to click ‘free’ on the game icon.

After the game loads, Kiwis can enjoy their free casino slots, poker, or game until the credits run out. Free casino game options come pre-loaded with a fake cash balance, so you won’t need to worry about your bankroll. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim any winnings unless it’s a no deposit casino or free online pokies app.

Why Should I play Free Casino Games?

Well, the most important answer is that Kiwis will be able to enjoy fun free games all year round. Whenever a new game is released, especially pokies, casinos will offer both versions. Of course, it’s completely up to the player whether or not they’d like to use it. Also, playing new casino games free can save New Zealanders a bit of cash in the long run.

To be fair, not winning real money can also put a dampener on gambling. Luckily, top casinos have a solution for NZ players! Most of our listed gambling sites offer free spins no deposit NZ, so you can keep what you win on free games. Sadly, this usually only applies to pokies free games.

Why Should I play Free Casino Games?

Free Games FAQs

Hopefully, we’ve given players enough reasons to try free casino games. Of course, no guide is entirely comprehensive, so we’ve added a few frequently asked questions about casino games free for Kiwis.

How do I play free casino games?

Gamblers can play free casino games exactly as they would a real money version. Bets, odds and payouts are identical. However, there are no real winnings.

Should I download free games?

Yes, though this will depend on the casino you play at. Most of our casinos have instant and download portals, but their game selection is the same. You can download the casino app if you’re more comfortable with it.

Can I play any casino game for free?

Yes, you can. Almost every popular game is catered for at free casinos.

What kinds of games can be played for free?

The top free games will usually range from free casino slot games to free bingo games. Almost every popular casino game is catered for by a range of software providers.

What are the most popular free games?

Free pokies online are usually the most well-catered for, with poker variants at a close second.

Are free games easier to win than real money games?

No, not usually. This is because the games are exactly alike, from game controls to random number generators. Both versions are also tested for fairness.

Can I play free casino games on mobile?

Yes, of course. There are many mobile casinos on browsers and apps that offer free games.

Are free games available on any device?

That will depend on your device, but free casino games will usually be optimised for popular devices like Android and Apple smartphones, as well as tablets. Desktop games are also plentiful at our recommended free casino games websites.