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Casino deposits are a common occurrence at virtual casinos. Therefore, it is only natural to have questions about them. Online gambling is a billion-dollar industry in New Zealand that continues to expand each year. In order to gamble on the internet, you need to create an online account and deposit money into that account as frequently as you play. The money you deposit will give you access to all your favourite games, and will make you eligible to receive bonuses and other special promotions. Considering all the internet scams and other fraudulent activity that happens online, its understandable why players might have many questions regarding casino deposits.

A study once showed that frequent web-based gamblers rarely visit a land-based casino during the year. Real money gaming is a form of entertainment for most of these players, while others consider gaming to be a hobby and relaxation outlet that they don’t mind investing money into.

First time gamblers usually have a lot of general questions about gambling and casino games as a whole. The bulk of these questions pertain to money matters and how safe it is to make casino deposits when playing real money games.

Due to the popularity of questions about casino deposits, we’ve dedicated this article to identifying all the frequently asked questions about the topic and we’ve answered them with the help of research and expert knowledge. Once you’ve gotten all the answers you were looking for, you can visit one of our casino sites below to play all your favourite games.

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Casino Deposits FAQs

How Do I Make Online Casino Deposits?

Making casino deposits isn’t an instant thing. The first thing you need to do is find a web-based casino that you like and open an account. When you open the account, you’ll be asked to complete some personal information about yourself such as your name, contact number and address. You’ll also need to fill in your banking details which will be kept on a database and accessed each time you make a deposit. Once you’ve got an active account with a username and password, you’ll be able to make your casino deposit. This can be an amount of your choosing as long as it meets the minimum casino deposit amount.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

Debit and credit cards are two of the most popular casino deposit payment methods for New Zealanders. Most online and land-based casinos accepts all the major debit cards and credit cards to offer its customers a seamless casino banking experience.

There are various other casino deposit methods that are just as secure as credit and debit cards. Some of these include: eCheck, Moneygram, Wire Transfers, Budgeting and Cashier’s Checks.

Are Virtual Casino Deposits Safe?

Online banking was previously frowned upon due to safety concerns. Today, it’s proven to be amongst the easiest, quickest and trusted methods for both personal banking and for making casino deposits. Most casinos on the web are protected with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption. SSL software ensures that all your personal and baking details are stored in a safe place and is protected from potential cyber hackers and money thieves. All legitimate casinos are also regularly audited by the relevant authorities.

What is the Processing Time for Casino Deposits?

Casinos deposits are usually credited to your casino account immediately. Cash deposits might take a little bit longer to reflect. In the most unusual scenario, your casino deposit could take up to 24 hours to process but this is hardly ever the case.

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Withdrawals FAQs

How Soon After I Win Will I Be Able to Cash Out?

How quick your winnings will be available to withdraw depends on the casino site and the payment method you’ve chosen. e-Wallet usually has the fastest payment speed, but using this method comes with transaction fees. This means that you might not always receive the full sum of your winnings. Some places even ask that you use the same casino deposit and withdrawal method to simplify the process. On average, payouts can take from 2 up to 6 working days to process.

Are Withdrawals Requests Reversible?

Yes. You can cancel your request to withdraw your winnings provided that you cancel before the request is processed and finalized. Once the casino has processed your requests and you’ve received notification of this, you cannot reverse this. To make a reversal, you must contact the casinos customer care department who will explain to you what needs to be done.

Can I Track my Deposits and Withdrawals?

Yes, you can. Casinos usually keep record of your transaction history, this includes all casino deposits and withdrawal activity. Some banking methods also keep tabs on when money has left your account and when money has entered your account. Debit and credit cards have a feature called itemized billing where you can use internet banking to control outgoing and incoming payments.

Online Casino Deposits NZ

Are There Withdrawal Limits?

Sadly, yes. Most casinos today have pre-set withdraw limits that everyone is obliged to abide by. These withdrawal limits can be categorized into daily, weekly and monthly limits that restrict how much money you can withdraw from your casino account in one go. The withdrawal limit you receive can also depend on the kind of player you are. Some casinos offer high rollers the opportunity to withdraw more money than a casual player.

General Casino FAQs

What is the Age Limit for Online Gambling in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, all players must be at least 20 years old to enter a casino venue and 18 years old to participate in sports betting, lotteries and scratch cards.

Do I Pay Taxes on My Casino Deposit Winnings?

In New Zealand you are under no obligation to pay taxes on the money you’ve acquired through gambling on the internet. However, for some people gambling is their primary source of income. If this is the case, you are required to register as a professional gambler and pay taxes.

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