High Roller Casinos are particularly designed for New Zealand players who prefer making big bets. These casinos offer big rewards, but they also require big risks. If you can handle big stakes, these online casinos are just the place for you. There is a wide range to choose from, so Kiwi players can play where they feel most comfortable.

Players who regularly make wagers at Online Casinos and move up the ranks according to the casino’s standards are referred to as “High Rollers”. These players regularly put big amounts of money at stake in hopes of winning massive amounts of money.

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Top High Roller Casinos NZ

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100% Up ToNZ$1600 & 120 free spins

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100% Up ToNZ$7000 & 120 free spins

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100% Up ToNZ$800

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100% Up ToNZ$500

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100% Up ToNZ$1200 & 120 free spins

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100% Up ToNZ$1500 & 100 free spins

Benefits of Playing at a New Zealand High Roller Casino

The process of becoming a High Roller (or a VIP player) differs from one online casino to the next. So New Zealand players need to ensure that they understand all the steps of achieving this status properly. Before they decide which High Roller Casino they want to join. The Casino will invite the player to join the “VIP programme” once they have been proven a true “High Roller”. Here are some popular benefits VIP players can enjoy at these casinos:

  • No mysterious games: New Zealand players will not have to compromise. As High Roller Casinos offer the same popular games loved by many players. Be it Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or another game, players will have a good time enjoying their favourite games while playing for the big win. The big difference will be that High Roller Casino games will have higher betting limits compared to standard casino games.
  • Bonuses: Players can expect the best bonuses from these casinos such as Welcome Bonuses, Match Deposit Bonuses and Cash Back Bonuses.
  • Special Gifts: In addition to generous Promotions, selected players will also receive special rewards worthy of their status at the casino. These may include gadgets, tickets for big sports and entertainment shows, hotel stays, etc.vip

VIP High Rollers

  • VIP treatment all the way: These New Zealand casinos deal with the cream of the crop who don’t mind splurging. So Kiwi players can look forward to VIP treatment at top online casinos. Usually players will get more benefits when they play more and bet more.
  • Personal VIP Manager: Among the perks, VIP players can have their own personal manager. Who will be assigned to deal with their queries and concerns and keep them up to date with any developments.
  • Credit Advances: High Roller Casinos hold their VIP players in the highest regards and will generally offer them credit on the casino’s account if they reach their bank account limit.
  • Speedy withdrawals: VIP players enjoy safe and easy ways of accessing their funds via Bank Wire transfers, e-Wallet services etc. Players in New Zealand can also look forward to smaller cash out fees as well as high withdrawal limits.

 With all these amazing benefits, it is hard not to be tempted to become a High Roller in New Zealand. But as always, players should be responsible and not exceed their Bankroll.
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