Instant Play Casinos are online gambling sites that allow players to play on their browsers instantly. The benefits of these online casinos are quite simple: players can enjoy all the best games without downloading casino software. Some NZ players prefer download casinos, but Instant Play is fast becoming the most popular way to bet on the Internet.

In the past, players had to download the unique software of an online casino to gamble online. This had many benefits, from casino banking to gameplay. However, there is a growing need among Kiwi players to access online casino games easily. At a stage, instant play casinos could only give gamblers a taste of the action. Read on for more reasons why you should give instant play a try.

Instant Play Casinos - New Zealand

Instant Play Casinos for Mac Users

It is widely believed among online gamblers that Mac and Apple device users are an afterthought at online casinos. For example, most online casinos created their software for Microsoft computers first. Many Kiwi players who use Macs and similar devices have had to wait far longer for updates, if a casino offered downloads to them.

However, instant play casinos allow all users to play games on the online casino’s website. So Kiwis and other online casino players can enjoy top-notch gaming without waiting for a download. Quite a few game developers, like Yggdrasil Gaming, have also moved away from downloads altogether. Their games are created with HTML5, so you also don’t need a Flash player to enjoy great casino games.

Instant Play Casinos versus Download Casinos

While the benefits of instant play casinos are great, there are some players who still prefer download casinos. More so, there are some features at download casinos that instant play casinos might not have. Such as more gaming titles and being able to play more than one game at a time. However, updating a download site could take more time and bandwidth than NZ players would like.

Additionally, you might wonder if the security at instant play casinos is up to scratch. Players believe that a download casino is less easy to hack, or steal information from. Still, newer encryption technologies may make instant play more appealing to Kiwis. Security is a big concern when playing for real money, so check your online casino carefully.

Instant Play Casinos Overall

There are benefits to instant play casinos, as well as download casinos. So, it’s up to our Kiwi online casino players to decide which option they prefer. After all, it’s all about gaming experience, so rest assured that either version is safe and secure if it is listed on NZ Casinos.