Live Dealer Casinos have become extremely popular in New Zealand in recent years, offering Kiwi players a unique experience compared to regular online casinos. Live casinos have the ability to blend the best of both worlds, combining aspects of land-based casinos with Internet casinos. For this reason, we think that Live Casinos are the most important innovation in the online casino industry recently. They’re definitely worth experiencing, so we highly recommend you choose one of our highly-rated Live casinos!

Find the best live casino games for Kiwis at New Zealand Casinos. We’ll help you enjoy the best live dealer casino experience with top bonuses and features. Check out our top multi-platform casinos to find all the best real money live gambling games on the Internet. Read on to find out more about these exciting casino games.

Best Live Dealer Gaming Casinos for Kiwis

Top Ranked NZ Live Online Casinos

What exactly is a live casino?

Some players might not know or understand what makes a Live Casino different from a regular online casino. In truth, you’re unlikely to find a separate live casino. However, live dealer casino games will be offered at your favourite online casinos in New Zealand. Live Dealer Casinos are a relatively new development in the industry. Iin fact many online casinos still don’t offer live dealer casino games.

Gameplay at live casinos

Players will still be able to enjoy live dealer casinos from the comfort of your own home, however, it will make you feel more like you’re actually in a land-based casino. The way it works is players will live stream video footage from the online casino. There will be a full interface on the screen, where players can control their bets and so on, while the footage will show an actual human dealer controlling the game. Players will probably even be able to chat with the dealer and other players, via text chat. This goes a long way to making the whole experience feel more social and less isolated than your normal online casino experience.

The Advantages of Live Casinos

So, now that you know what makes a live casino different from your typical online casino experience, you may be wondering what are the advantages of using a live dealer casino.

No more RNG

The first major selling point is that the dealers are using genuine casino equipment in the video streams. There are still some players who don’t trust the electronic casino games that use a Random Number Generator to determine the results. Instead, they prefer to use real equipment, as you would in a land-based casino. This is where a Live Dealer casino really appeals to these players. The dealer in the video stream will use a real roulette wheel, or a real deck of cards. If this makes you feel safer and more comfortable, then we 100% recommend you have some fun at live casinos.

More player interaction

The other big advantage is that live casinos offer more of a social experience and playing online isn’t such a solitary experience. Players will be able to talk to other players and the dealer, with the level of social interaction being determined by the live casinos themselves. The social aspect might not be a huge draw to all players, but it is definitely a positive part of live casino games.

Live Dealer - Roulette NZ

The Disadvantages of Live Dealer Casinos

We’ve now told you all the good things about live casinos, but there are probably many people wondering if there are any negative aspects to live dealer casinos. The truth is that unfortunately there are some disadvantages to using a live casino, but they are relatively minor.

Slower game pace

The first disadvantage worth mentioning is the pace of gameplay will be slower than if you’re playing regular online casino games. This is because the dealer actually has to manage the game, deal the cards and so on. In addition, there is no way to speed up the game, so once the ball has been placed in the roulette wheel, you’ve just got to wait for it to come to a stop.

Different betting limits

You can also expect to have different betting limits at a live dealer casino. These live dealer games cost more to operate as the casino has to pay for the dealer, the equipment and the general running costs. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to allow very small bets, so you can definitely expect a higher minimum betting limit.

Connectivity issues

In addition to this, you’ll need to have a fairly decent Internet connection to live stream the footage from the casino. While this shouldn’t really be a problem these days, it is something that you might want to keep in mind if you live somewhere with poor or unreliable connections. As you can see, Live Dealer casinos may have a few disadvantages, but they’re relatively small and wouldn’t impact your enjoyment of the games.

Live Dealer Casino Game Selection

This could potentially be another downside of live casinos; their game selection is rather small. Obviously, the only games they can offer is casino games that use a dealer in real life. However, because of the costs and infrastructure required, the casinos will normally limit the live casino games available. You can normally expect to find Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and Live Baccarat. There may be some casinos that offer slightly less popular games but these are the main ones you’ll find. You’ll also typically not find more than one or two versions of the game at a live casino, so don’t expect to find numerous different versions of Live Blackjack.
Live Dealer Casino Game Selection

Live Dealer Casino FAQs

Are the games in Live Casinos rigged?

Many people actually prefer live dealer casinos because they trust them more than electronic games with RNG-determined results. Live Dealer casinos will use actual casino equipment, like real decks of cards and roulette wheels. Still, any reputable live casino will be regularly checked for fairness. So there should be no problems finding a fair live casino.

What are the most popular live casino games?

The most popular titles to play at a live dealer casino would probably have to be Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. These games are really simple and easy to play and work really well in a live casino. These games also tend to have small house edges, which is why they’re so popular at land-based, live and online casinos. You might find other live casinos games like Baccarat or Sic Bo, but these are the most common.

Can I play live dealer games for free?

There are more sites that are starting to allow players to try a live dealer casino game for free. This is a new thing, because of the increased costs of running a live casino. However, more casinos are beginning to allow it so players can get a feel for the game. However, because live casino games are the same as the regular online versions you can always play those for free if the online casino you’re on doesn’t allow you to demo the live casino game.

Are Live Casinos available on mobile devices?

Originally the answer was no, as mobile devices couldn’t handle the live casinos. These days though, it is a different story. As mobile devices have grown more powerful, many online casinos now support mobile players on their smartphone or tablet. Just make sure that you can use WiFi, as live streaming video will go through your mobile data quickly. Then you’re going to be hoping you hit a jackpot just so you can pay your mobile phone bill.

How fast does my Internet need to be?

Because your live streaming video over the Internet, you’re going to need a decent Internet connection. Any Fibre Optic of broadband Internet will work perfectly. If you do want to play on the go, 3G or 4G should also be enough. As we said though, just beware of mobile data costs. The only time your Internet should be an issue is if there are problems with the connection. Try to make sure you use a strong network connection, dial up may take longer.

Will I need any special software to access a Live Casino?

No you won’t as almost all online casinos will include their live dealer games within their software. Alternatively, if the casino you’re using is run through your web browser, the live casino games will work through there.

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