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Baccarat Strategy is one way of ensuring that you make the most of your gambling session. Baccarat is one of the few casino games that tests the nerves and determination of even the most experienced players. Therefore, having a few effective strategies to help navigate you through the game is always a good idea.

Our baccarat strategies are targeted at new and seasoned online players in New Zealand who are looking to better their odds of winning. Our methods apply for all those playing online baccarat; however, some of these strategies can be implemented at a land-based casino as well. Its important for any gambler to understand that baccarat is a game of chance and that there’s no definite way of gaining a clear advantage over the house or the other players, but using baccarat strategy during the game can help enhance your play and adds to your overall experience. It also teaches you different ways of playing the game.

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Baccarat Strategy for Beginners in NZ

1. Check the Odds of the Game

This baccarat strategy might be a given for advanced players, but many new players often join a table without understanding the odds of winning for each baccarat strategy bet. This is an important aspect to consider if you really want to give yourself a fair chance at winning. It might also be a good idea to verify the odds with the online casino before you play to ensure that the odds provided is correct.

The usual commission deducted on bets placed on The Banker in a baccarat strategy game is 5%. But, there are some casinos who charge as much as 25%. There are a select few casinos who have odds of less than 5% on all Banker bets, but they don’t come by that often.

The odds for all bets on The Player come standard at 1:1. The tie bet on the other hand offers the worst odds at 8:1 and should be avoided.

2. Play Short Sessions with a Baccarat Strategy

For a beginner, its important that you pace yourself and not let all the excitement rush to your head all in one go. A good baccarat strategy is to set a game limit for yourself and count them as you play to avoid going over the limit you’ve created for yourself. This will help you keep your sessions short and to the point. Once you’ve reached your limit, accept your fate and abandon the game. Don’t go chasing after your losses.

3. Reserve Your Bankroll

This baccarat strategy is useful to online players and land-based players. In a game of baccarat, you will incur losses, but you’ll also make a few wins here and there if you are lucky. You should focus on properly managing your bankroll to get you through the good and the bad times.

Baccarat Strategy New Zealand

Baccarat Strategy for Advanced Players

Baccarat One-Sided Strategies

This baccarat strategy is The BOSS, get it? This strategy uses a flat wagering tactic and the aim is to win a certain number per baccarat shoe (or round) and do this in long term. You should also increase your flat betting wagers overtime to win more.  This baccarat strategy comes highly recommended and many authors have written about it in their books.

The Trend Switch Strategy

Baccarat has various trends or patterns that players can follow and these trends include:

  • The zigzag
  • The trend switch treatment
  • Streaky bankers and players
  • The hovering state

The first three trends are interchangeable. When playing using the trend switch treatment baccarat strategy, players can switch between the first two trends mentioned above during the game. So, you start by flat betting and then play the game according the rules of the first two trends. If you lose while following the rules of these two trends, you don’t have to quit the game. In this case, you simply switch to the remaining trends like the hovering state for example.

Breaking the Doubles Baccarat Strategy

Most shoes (or rounds) in baccarat is characterized by zigzag or double outcomes. Zigzag meaning there’s a trend between banker and player outcomes. Player or banker outcomes also tend to happen in blocks, meaning back to back or with short spaces in between them. The baccarat strategy here is to bet on the opposite probable outcome, and if the zigzag pattern occurs continuously, you bet with it.

A Final Word

All the strategies we’ve discussed above is great and worth giving a try. But, the best baccarat strategy you can use during any given game, is to have fun and stay in control of your gambling habits. That’s a strategy that always works and offers the best return- tons of fun and peace of mind.

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