How to play Blackjack – learning to play online Blackjack can be quite difficult if you’re not familiar with the game. However, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to play the game like a pro. Follow our step by step guide below and you’ll be confidently betting, calling, folding or standing in no time.

How to Play Blackjack – Rules

Blackjack is also known as ‘21’ which is also the perfect hand in the game. Players need to reach a hand of 21 or lower in order to win. The player with the hand value closest to 21 will win.

  • Hit – when a player or the dealer decides to take another card.
  • Stand – when you do not want to exceed 21, you can decide to stand and not take another card.
  • Face Card – a card with a ‘face’ on it, such as a King, Queen or Jack.
  • Natural/Blackjack – this is a hand that is automatically equal to 21 and will win the round instantly.
  • Double Down – you can choose to double your bet and take an extra card. We advise this move only if you are confident that you’ll win.
  • Bankroll – a casino term for the money you use while playing.
  • Surrender – surrendering in some versions off Blackjack can return half your bet.
  • Soft hand – a hand with an Ace and one other card, because Ace card can either hold the value of a one or an 11.

How to Play Blackjack New Zealand

How to Play Blackjack – Step by Step

When it comes to playing online Blackjack at New Zealand’s top online casinos, you’ll need to understand the rules of the game. Depending on the version of online Blackjack, these rules will be straightforward. Practice playing in free play mode before getting into real money games, this will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Step 1

Decide how much you want to bet at the beginning of the round. There will be a selection of chips in different denominations on your screen. Depending on the game mode and the software provider, chips range from NZ$1 to NZ$100. You can click on the number of chips you want to bet, but we recommend starting off small.

Step 2

When you’re happy with your bet, click on the ‘deal button.’ The game will then give you two cards and show your total on the screen.

Step 3

Unless you get ‘Blackjack’ with your first two cards, you will now have the choice to hit or stand. A hit means that you will receive another card. If you choose to stand, it means you’re happy with your cards so you won’t receive another.

Step 4

Now it’s the dealer’s turn to show their cards, if you didn’t get 21. The dealer will then decide to hit or stand. At this point, you or the dealer might win and receive the cash.

Step 5

At the start of a new round, you’ll be able to repeat your bet by clicking the ‘repeat bet’ button. This will place the same bet as the last round. Or you can place a different bet and click ‘deal’ once again.