Play Keno by the RulesOne of the simplest lottery games to play is Keno online. It is relatively easy once Kiwi players learn the basic Keno rules. There is a lot of money that players can get from Keno which depends on the bet you make. Playing the game is fun because there is no limit to the number of games you can play. The game can be played both online and offline. Wherever you decide to play the game is completely up to you just make sure the Keno rules are at the back of your mind.

To make things easy for players we have included our top casino sites that have the best offers in the market. So, players who follow Keno rules from the start will find the tips valuable to better their chances of winning. The rules of Keno in this guide are there to get you started on the game. You can win money when you take advantage of playing Keno online. Read on to find out about the rules.

Top Casinos to Play Keno

Basic Keno Rules

Listed below are the top five rules of keno that you need:

  1. As you know Keno is based on luck, wagers and prize outcomes rely on fraction counting.
  2. From a category of 80 numbers players select between one and 20 winning numbers.
  3. Players can a multiplier alternative to increase their winnings.
  4. Choosing more numbers cost more at the same time your chance of winning increases
  5. You can play several games at once.

Keno Rules

Play Keno by the Rules

We have the general strategy on how to play Keno.

  • You can play for free until you are comfortable to play the game for money
  • Look out for special tickets and take advantage of the opportunity
  • Choose a bonus feature keno game
  • Make sure you shop around for the best payout
  • Play an advanced variant for large prize payouts

Different Kenos in NZ

  1. Lottery Keno – the variants are sold by local people and have draws on a daily basis.
  2. Video Keno – this is a quick game is similar to a slot terminal. A random number generator comes up with the outcome.
  3. Live Keno – it is played at a land-based casino and video streaming using a gambling site. Live games are simple to Bingo based on their speed and form.

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