Best Sic Bo Casinos OnlineThe rules of Sic Bo come pretty standard in every game, with the basics of how to play the dice game similar at both online platforms and land-based casinos. Kiwi players have to predict the dice roll and win tons of cash prizes. The derivative title of the ancient Chinese gambling game is ‘Small Big’, which relates to the rules of the game. Our expert gamblers provide an in-depth analysis of Sic Bo rules for beginners to explain how the game is played.

The Sic Bo strategy is rather simple, with the objective to correctly predict the potential outcome of the three dice. The game is made interesting by the number of possible winning combinations that exist because of the dice in the game. As one of the most popular dice table games online, players will benefit from knowing the rules as they relate to the payout, gameplay and odds of the game. Below is a list of online Sic Bo casino websites that come recommended by our expert gamblers in New Zealand.

Best Sic Bo Casinos in NZ

Understanding the Sic Bo Board

You will commonly find players overwhelmed by the Sic Bo table layout, with lots of numbers and all the different potential combinations available. The most discernible bet on the table is the initial bet that players have to choose first. ‘Small bet’ and the ‘Big bet’ are displayed prominently on the Sic Bo board, which is a bet that pays out of 1 to 1. All of the potential combinations that can occur are displayed on the board, with all of the totals having dissimilar Sic Bo payouts. Let’s get in-depth with the different Sic Bo betting rules.

Sic Bo Rules Online

Sic Bo Rules to Betting Online

Kiwi gamblers enjoy the plethora of bets that are available to them when playing Sic Bo for real money. The three dice game consists of safe bets that we have spoken of. With these type of Sic Bo bets, players have to decide on the aggregate amount of the dice before the roll. Here is the list of options available to the player:

Small and Big

Our Sic Bo cheat sheet includes betting on Small and Big bets for the first roll. In this bet, players decide on the total number of the three dice after they are thrown. The Small bet includes total 4 to 10 while the Big bet includes total from 11 to 17. It is considered a safe bet because there is a lower risk attached to the bet. Players should note that they will only lose in the case where the total is 3 or 18, as that would mean all of the dice would have to land on the same value.

 Triple Bet

As the name describes, all three dice have to land on the same value for the bet to win. This bet payout big because the odds of making that roll is slim. The payout potential is 30 to 1. Should lady luck be on your side, you can predict a specific triple that has an amazing 180 to 1.


The total is easy to predict if you can read the Sic Bo board. This bet excludes the totals that are covered in the triple bet that add up to 3 or 18. That means you win if you can predict the correct total between 4 to 17 you will win. The payout is 60 to 1 which is a handsome profit.


In this bet, players only have to guess two of the three dice will show after the roll. Our recommended Sic Bo strategy includes combination bets, as it pays out 6 to 1. You will only win if the numbers you predict appear after roll.


Prominently recommended for beginners, this bet only requires players to get one prediction correct when betting on the roll of the three dice. The Sic Bo payout for the bet is 1 to 1, which is rather low in comparison to the rest of the bets.


This bet involves bettors getting two of the same value number that will appear on two of the three dice. The payout for this bet is 10 to 1 and is considered one of the bets that are medium risk.

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