How to Play Roulette – learn how to play online Roulette at New Zealand’s top online casinos in 2018. The New Zealand Casinos team have put together a quick step-by-step guide to playing online Roulette for our Kiwi players. So sit back and relax while we take you through how to play the game online and beyond like a professional.

How to Play Roulette at New Zealand Casinos

How to Play Roulette –Game Rules

Everyone has played Roulette at least once in their lifetime. The casino classic is one of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos. As one of the few well-documented games we know of, it’s also easy to see why so many people have enjoyed it over the years. Playing Roulette is pretty simple, once you know how. The wheel is controlled by the dealer (or croupier) who releases the small metallic ball into the edge. The ball will spin around the wheel until it stops, and will land in a pocket once it stops.

Depending on the version of Roulette, the pockets will be placed differently. Three types of Roulette are played universally, and they are:

  • American Roulette, also known as North American Roulette.
  • European Roulette, the most popularly played version.
  • French Roulette considered the best version but it is rare.

Many online casinos offer European Roulette and American Roulette to Kiwi players. However, if you’re new to the game, we recommend starting with European Roulette. The single zero pocket gives players a lower house edge than its American version. European Roulette has 36 pockets on the wheel, while the American variant has 37.

How to Play Roulette Rules NZ

How to Play Roulette Step-by-Step

Below are some quick steps to playing any version of online Roulette from any software provider. Software providers will have different interfaces, but the aim and rules of the game will be the same. Use these steps while you’re learning how to play Roulette, or just for a quick brush up.

Step 1 – Choose your game

Choose the version of Roulette you’d like to play from the selection of game titles at an online casino. While still learning, we recommend playing European Roulette. If you’re unsure, try to play the game in free play mode which will look the same as the real money version.

Step 2 – Choosing a Stake

In almost every game of Roulette, there will be the option to place bets. Here you can decide how much you want to wager on the Roulette table. Depending on the game versions, you can choose to play one of the following ‘stake’ tables:

  • Low Roller: your chips will be around 10c to NZ$5 in this version, and the max bet you can place will be NZ$50.
  • Standard Stake: this is the standard Roulette table, with chips starting from NZ$1 to NZ$100. The table limit will typically equal to NZ$500, and will be the max bet you can place.
  • High Roller: these stakes are the highest chips value, starting from NZ$10 to NZ$1000. The table limit for this stake will be roughly NZ$5000 for maximum bets.

Step 3 – Place Your Bets

You have to place a bet before starting a round of Roulette. Check out the different bets further down our guide. Many online casinos will limit how much you can put on certain bets, such as zero. We recommend placing outside bets while you’re learning to minimise your losses. However, there is no limit to how many bets you can place in online Roulette as long as they fall under the table limit.

Step 4 – Check your Bets

Below are a few things to check for before you start playing:

  • Split bets: bets placed on a column or group of numbers will be placed on the line between them.
  • Outside bets: these require smaller chips, and will need to be placed on a specific area on the Roulette table.
  • Max bets: since some casinos limit how much you can bet on certain bets, always check that you are under the limit.

Step 5 – Spin to Win

Once you’re happy with your bet, you can click the ‘spin’ button. Wait for the ball to drop into the wheel, and then land in a pocket. You will know straight away once you’ve won a bet.

Step 6 – Claim your Winnings

Before starting a new round, make sure you claim your winnings. While some games do this automatically, you still need to check how much you’ve won.

Step 7 – Clear your bet or place the same wager

When you start a new round, you can either place the same bets by clicking the ‘same bet’ button or place a new bet manually.

Strategies for How to Play Roulette

Strategies for online Roulette vary, but there are some that can be applied to almost any stake or version of the casino game. Inside bets are placed on the Roulette wheel numbers on the table. These will include bets on a single number or a group of numbers. Placing bets on a single number is inadvisable for beginners, as these have a 35 or 36 to 1 chance of happening.

Outside bets are placed on things like the ball landing on a red pocket or a black pocket. Kiwi players can also bet on the ball landing on a number between one and 18, or 19 to 36. Other bets can be placed on a high or low number or a column of numbers. While still new to the game, Outside Bets will be the better strategy. NZ gamblers can bet on all of the above outcomes, or on one or two.

How to Play Roulette Bets on the Table

How to Play Roulette – Placing Bets

There are many bets to choose from for Kiwi players while enjoying online Roulette. We’ve listed all the possible bets for Roulette fans below for your convenience. So if you’re practising, or new to the game, we advise reading through these bets before you play.

Inside Bets

Any bets placed on the numbers of the Roulette wheel on the Roulette table are known as Inside Bets. These have the highest stakes; so they will pay out more than Outside Bets. However, we recommend placing multiple bets because Inside Bets don’t payout as often as you’d think.

  • Corner Bet: when you place a bet on four numbers, with odds of eight to one. Chips are placed on the intersection of ‘corner’ of the numbers.
  • Five Line: placing a bet on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 in American Roulette. NZ players’ chips will be put in the middle of these numbers.
  • Row 00: betting on 0 and 00 in American Roulette will pay out 17 to one. Kiwis should be aware that this bet rarely pays out.
  • Six Line: betting on six numbers, which pays out 5 to 1 over two lines or a single row on the table. Depending on other bets, the chips will be placed in the middle or near the lines.
  • Split Bet: betting on any two numbers with chances of a payout of 17 to one.
  • Straight Up: placing a wager on one number with odds of 35 to one, but this hardly pays out.
  • Street Bet: wagering on three numbers at the odds of 11 to one. Chips will be placed anywhere on the three numbers.

Outside Bets

On the Roulette table, any bets placed around the wheel numbers are outside bets. These bets are typically for a column of numbers or a certain colour. Wagers here will have lower odds than Inside Bets, but will payout more often. As we’ve said before, we advise that new players start with Outside Bets while learning the game. Playing in free play mode will also give you a feel for the game without using your bankroll.

  • One to 18: betting that the ball will land in a pocket numbered between one and 18.
  • 19 to 36: betting that the ball will land on any pocket from 19 to 36.
  • Colour Bet: predicting that the ball will land on a red or black pocket, regardless of number.
  • Column Bets: placing a bet on a column of 12 numbers with odds of two to one.
  • High or Low: betting that the ball will land on a high or low number, also with odds of two to one.
  • Number Bet: predicting that the ball will land in a pocket with an odd or even number. This pays out one to one for NZ players.

How to Play Roulette Overall

Once you’ve mastered the basics of online Roulette, you’ll soon be winning big. As always, we advise smaller bets and keeping an eye on how much time you spend playing. Roulette can be a lot of fun for NZ gamblers, but we recommend walking away once you’ve reached your goal amount. If you’d like to know more about the game, visit our Online Roulette page. Use our steps at land-based casinos and surprise your friends with your knowledge.