Scratch Cards are some of the most popular ways to win cash instantly. More so, they are available in just about every store whether at the mall, petrol station or shopping centre. They offer instant fun – with no waiting time. At New Zealand Casinos you will learn all there is to know about scratch cards including how best to play them online.

Scratch Cards - New Zealand

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Scratch Cards for New Zealand Players

‘What exactly are scratch cards?” one may ask. Scratch Cards are gambling games printed on small but relatively thick paper cards on which symbols are hidden under a thin acrylic or latex film. The objective of the game is to scratch out this film and reveal the symbols beneath it with the hope that they all match. Online Scratch Cards are the same except they are played on the computer through an Internet-based or online casino.

So Online Scratch Cards are virtual in nature, but they follow the same principle; the player needs to ‘scratch out’ the concealed icons or symbols. Scratch Cards are designed in such a way that once you have revealed the hidden sequence you can immediately know whether or not you have won. Instead of the usual wait associated with lotto, for example, you don’t need to wait for the evening show for your results.

Scratch Card History

Scratch Cards were invented by John Koza, an American computer scientist, and Daniel Bower, a promotions expert in 1974. John Koza studied at the University of Michigan and became the second person in the world to obtain a Computer Scientist B.A. He, later on, met up with Bower and teamed up to form Scientific Games Corporation. They began by making Massachusetts Lottery Cards for the Massachusetts Lottery Commission.

Since playing this lottery required those playing to wait several days for the outcome, Koza felt that there was a need to create a game that was much quicker in this regard. This is how the Scratch Card came to be. He made a game where all you need to do is scratch the concealing film on top to reveal immediately whether or not the player has a winning sequence or not. Koza’s job was to create an algorithm that ensured the randomness of the card results, while Bower took care of the marketing side of the Scratch Card business.

Scratch Cards spread to all other parts of America and to the rest of the world. Their popularity increased rapidly and before long they were available for purchase in almost every corner store and retailer. Today these same Scratch Cards are produced by different companies around the world and have even entered the online gambling world. Through New Zealand online casinos, players can now enjoy the quick gratification of scratch cards.

Scratch Card - History NZ

Scratch Card Win Real Money

Online Scratch Cards are available at many Kiwi Online Casinos. They may be simple to play, but this makes them a great pastime that needs no skills, concentration or strategy. The instantaneous gratification they come with is also very rewarding. To play online Scratch Cards, you need only pick the game you wish to play – point the cursor on the game and click. Generally, this is how the gameplay would go:

  • Select the amount of money you want to wager on the Scratch Card game.
  • Click ‘buy’ to purchase the card. Your casino account will be debited by the amount you selected to wager.
  • A virtual Scratch Card will appear on the computer screen. The software generates cards randomly.
  • Point and click on the card, or click on ‘scratch’ for your result to be revealed. In some variations, you may need to hit a button, spin a wheel or roll a dice instead of scratch.
  • Usually, to win, your card needs to show three matching symbols in a sequence. Different symbols may represent different prize levels.
  • If you have won, the prize amount will be credited to your casino account.
  • You may now proceed to play again or quit.

online scratch cards

RNG Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Card results are determined by Random Number Generators, a game program that builds sequences of numbers/symbols randomly to ensure fairness. This also makes online Scratch Cards games of pure luck and chance. The outcomes cannot be tampered with, and the games need no expertise. Physical Scratch Cards, on the other hand, can be bought at a store or any special retailer.

Given how quick it is to play these games, you can scratch them out while inside the store and if you have a winning sequence, you can return it to the retailer to claim your prize, if the amount won is below NZ$1000. If the amount you won is higher than that, you will need to send back the Scratch Card to the Scratch Card company that is running the games physically or by mail to claim. Remember to keep the cards safe to successfully redeem your winnings.

Online Scratch Card Variations

As mentioned before, usually online scratch cards are such that there are three panels for three symbols. More so, each type of symbol represents a different prize tier. But there are various types of Scratch Cards online in addition to the more traditional type.

Casino Games-themed Scratch Cards

These scratch cards are modelled around famous casino games, using the object of that game as the means to win the scratch card game. For example, with Blackjack Scratch Cards the player scratches the cards to reveal his hand and see if it beats that of the dealer. If so the player wins.

Instant Win Scratch Cards

These online scratch cards are played on a win or lose result. That is, the player wagers and clicks on a panel on the card to reveal whether, for instance, the ‘character’ they bet on has won or not. Rocky Scratch is one such game.

Lines Scratch Cards

With this version, the player’s objective is to line up a series of symbols in order to win. The scratch panels are larger than those of others, giving space to the symbol line-up much like on online pokies.

Multiple Chances

Multiple Chance Scratch Cards are played by scratching a panel to reveal a symbol or number. This will act as the winning symbol/number. Then the player has to scratch several other panels to see whether the hidden symbols match the symbol that they revealed at first.

Online Scratch Card Variations

Scratch Cards Glossary

Autoplay – an online Scratch Card game option with which the computer will play through some games for the player while they watch.

Cashier – a part on the screen of a Scratch card game displaying where the player can make his ‘payments’ for cards or claim his winnings.

Casino Scratch – online Scratch Cards with themes of famous casino games like Roulette and Blackjack.

Classic Scratch – just like classic casino table games, these online Scratch Cards games have been in the casino scene for a long time.

Fantasy Scratch – online Scratch Card games that have fantasy themes.

Free practice play – these are Free Scratch Card, or free play mode Scratch Cards, games in which players do not have to pay for playing them. They are good for passing time or playing for fun as they do not pay out real winnings.

Line Price – the specific amount of money a player is willing to play with per scratch card line.

Max – a button used to when the player wants to wager the maximum amount of money allowed without needing to set an amount for each line.

Real money play – an option of Online Scratch Card games to play with and for real money.

Recent Games – a section of the online scratch card game displaying the outcomes of the recently played games.

Sports Scratch – sport-themed Online Scratch Cards.

Scratch Cards – FAQs

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