Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular online poker variants in New Zealand. The variant was first played in Texas, USA, in the 1900s by cowboys. Some of the terms used in poker also originated with the game, such as a ‘showdown.’ The Texas Hold ‘Em showdown is the final round of the game, where players reveal and rank their hands.

Keep in mind that this game is based on the five-card format, but not a stud game. In fact, this is one of the oldest versions of Poker played in the world. It’s also the most famous format, that’s why it’s featured at New Zealand’s local casinos.

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Getting Started in Texas Hold ‘Em

Firstly, the player to the left of the dealer in Texas Hold ‘Em must make a bet without looking at their cards. This player is also known as a ‘small blind,’ because they go into the round ‘blind’ and have to bet half of the table limit. Secondly, the player to the left of the small is called the ‘big blind’ and must place the minimum bet of the online poker table.

Texas Hold ‘Em - New Zealand

Bets for Texas Hold ‘Em

Betting in Texas Hold ‘Em is fairly standard for all poker games. Each round starts with a bet, which players can call, raise, check or choose to stand. These bets will be added to the pot, which will be won by the highest ranked hand in the showdown. Before the showdown, three cards will be dealt face up on the table which is referred to as a ‘flop.’

Kiwi players will bet at the end of the round before the fourth card is dealt to the table. This card is commonly known as a ‘turn’ and players will need to bet again after the turn is dealt. In online poker, this will signal the final showdown to NZ players.

Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown

So, in this version of online poker, players have to use two of their cards and three community cards to form their hand. When all of the bets are made, it’s time for the showdown, so have your pistols ready. Texas Hold ‘Em showdowns centre around the highest ranked hand, which will win the pot. So you don’t have to wait for high noon to win big like a cowboy.

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